Tournament Technology Checklist

Tournament Technology Checklist Find the winning partnership between you and your technology management system. Choosing the right technology to manage your tournaments and events is vital for future success.  To make it easy we created a checklist of things to consider when evaluating new technology. Click the button below to download a copy of our "Tournament Technology Checklist". Tournament Technology Checklist     We recommend you review this checklist of questions before investing in a new product for your tournament. Play smart and win!

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A Great Experience Means More Profitability for Your Tournament

Marketing your tournament is hard and can be expensive. Once you spend the time, effort and money to bring in enough teams for your tournament, the last thing you want is for teams to have a bad experience and not return the next time. If you can get teams to return, your cost per acquisition (CPA) goes way down. This will build up your tournament (and profitability!) a lot faster. How do you do this? By providing a great experience. Sure, there are going to be teams that return no matter what...awesome! However, there are some teams who “shop around”. [...]

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