Setting Up Event Registration

When event administrators are ready to create the registration page for signups, FanAppEvents makes it simple with their intuitive, fast easy to follow layout.

First, describe the event and define the early bird pricing dates, if applicable. Admins have the option to include a countdown timer so registrants know how long they have until pricing advances to the next level.

Set up Event Registration Settings

Then, select or add division that are eligible to register.

select event divisions

Next, assign pricing for your event.

Registration Pricing

Finally, it’s time to create the form you want registrants to fill out. Toggle to specify which fields to include and what fields are required.

Registration Form

If you have waivers for registrants to sign. Include those here.

event waivers

Now, you’re ready to promote your event using either of these two unique URLS…Well, almost ready for promotion.

Promote Your Event

Before you promote your event it needs to be live. On the organizational level, clicking “Publish” to set the registration page live.

Set Event Live

ADMIN TIP: You can set up event registration ahead of time, even if you aren’t ready to promote it. Unpublished registration pages will appear like so…

Live Event Registration

Now that you’ve set up you’re event, see how participants register.