9 Reasons Why You Should Partner with Fan App Events

  1. Take the headache out of scheduling (and get back more time in your day)! Our automated scheduler will help you schedule all your games in seconds taking team and venue constraints into consideration.
  2. Easy, intuitive interface allows you to spend less time managing the details of your event so that you can spend more time improving other areas (like revenue generators like increasing registrations, more sponsors, merchandise, etc).
  3. Promote your sponsors through Fan App Events and make more revenue for your event and/or provide more value to your sponsors.
  4. Increase satisfaction among your participants, coaches and fans by having real­time scores, standings, schedules and brackets.
  5. Send timely messages when you need to and make your event run smoother. Let your audience know immediately if there is a change in schedule or venue causing less confusion and frustration during your event.
  6. Centralized tournament management in one spot. Be more efficient with (most) everything you need to manage your event in one place.
  7. Integrated online registration makes a seamless connection between your team/participant data and tournament management system so you don’t have to manually enter teams into a system.
  8. Fast, friendly, and reliable support team. The Fan App Events support team will be an extension to your arm…available before, during and after your events. Our goal is to help your event be even more successful.
  9. Fan App Events uses agile methods and develops iteratively which means we are continuously improving our systems. We want you to feel like we are like your own personal development team. We are open to (and encourage!) regular feedback and would love to hear your requests so that we can ensure Fan App Events meets your needs.