The Essential Guide to Growing Your Tournament

Tournament directors and coordinators are always looking for ways to grow their tournaments. “Growth” can be defined many ways–revenue, teams, community, volunteers, etc. Creating growth can also mean more challenges. In this blog we’ll outline a three-step strategy to growing your tournament without additional challenges.

    1. DEFINE GROWTH: To understand growth first you must define what growth means to your tournament or event.

      1. Why do we want to grow?
      2. How do we measure growth?Race to Grow
        • Revenue
        • Teams
        • Community
        • Volunteers
        • Sponsors
        • Etc…
        • All of the above
      3. What are the pros to growth and what unintended challenges may occur?
      4. How can we avoid, or proactively handle, unintended consequences?
        • Limited Tournament/Event Space
        • Community Awareness
        • Coordinating Volunteers
        • Hiring New Staff
        • Losing Revenue
        • Team Accommodations and Service
        • Reevaluate Sponsorship Tiers

This first set of questions will help you evaluate if “growth” is the right strategy at this time, or if growth is even possible.  If you have decided growth is right for you, then the following paragraphs will help you with the “how”.

  1. WHAT ATTRACTS GROWTH TO YOUR TOURNAMENT?  Pinpoint what differentiates your tournament. Distinguish your tournament from the competition and promote this point of difference to your target audience.
    • Do you have high caliber teams and competition?
    • Do you offer large audiences for sponsors?
    • Do teams/coaches/parents/etc. have a good experience? (Reviews are a great way to advertise).
    • Do you have A-plus facilities?
    • Do you have enough staff/volunteers to give great service?
    • Do you have good community involvement that offers great options to people visiting? (Hotels, restaurants, local attractions, discounts)
    • Is it easy to register and engage with your tournament?
    • Do you leverage cutting edge technology to keep tournament participants relevant, real-time information?
    • How do you get feedback to improve every tournament?
    • Do sponsors/advertisers see a good return on their invested dollars and time?

It’s not enough to give your audience (everyone involved in your tournament) a great experience; they must know the great experience they are getting.  These questions will help you outline what you are doing well, and what needs to be enhanced for future growth.

  1. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME (OR MY TOURNAMENT)?  This is the question everyone wants to know. This question can be answered in several different ways, but when we surveyed tournament directors and coordinators these are the answers we frequently receive:

    • More revenue
    • Expansion into other communities and/or tournaments
    • Higher quality competition
    • Better value for our sponsors
    • Better experience for our audiences
    • Higher retention
    • Sense of accomplishment as the tournament grows
    • Better value for our volunteers and staff
    • Leads to other opportunities

Identifying why your tournament should grow will help you stick to a “growth” strategy.

To conclude, we’re not saying growth is right for everyone, but if you are thinking about growing your tournament this guide will help you. Best of luck and if we can ever be of help as you growth with your technology needs let us know.